03 May, 2011

First Fridays in Bideford

First Fridays is an American phenomenon, every town and city has one; or a third Thursday, second Saturday etc. It is a community event, with a creative leaning, bringing people out in the streets to celebrate the richness of their hometown’s culture, socialise with their friends and enjoy local food and drink. Bideford's twin town of Manteo, in North Carolina, has First Fridays and Bideford has it's first on 6th May. It is hoped that there may be many partnership activities for the twinned towns. Planned so far is a virtual official opening on May 6th, via Skype, by the Mayor of Manteo, Jamie Daniels, outside Froot Loop in Mill Street (Jamie will be on the DCAC front steps at about 11am on 3rd June to 'cut the ribbon'. There will also be a joint opening of Bideford Bay Creatives and Dare County Arts Council's Postcard Exchange on June 3rd.
First Fridays is a community event by the people of Bideford, for Bideford and it’s visitors. It is supported by the Bideford Chamber of Commerce and Bideford Bay Creatives, however no group or individual is deemed organiser of the event and no group or individual is responsible for, or can be made liable for it.
Please download, print out, and promote First Fridays BBC is happy to act as a conduit to enable groups and individuals to get involved in First Fridays.

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