16 May, 2009

Combining Manteo with Bideford

The Bideford Manteo Blog was set up in Bideford but I would like to see an equal balance each side of the pond. The image used as a banner at the top of this page shows Bideford Quay and the new Torridge Bridge. I would like this banner to be a combination print joining Manteo with Bideford. Ideally an animated gif, alternating between Manteo and Bideford would be the best with Bideford-Manteo on one image and Manteo-Bideford on the other but I haven’t worked out how to add this to the blog yet – suggestions please. If anyone from Manteo has pictures of their town that I might combine with those of Bideford please send them to me and I will attempt a combined image of the two.


  1. Yes, good suggestion. Also it would be great if anyone has images they can upload on flickr of their home town and its creative happenings. If these are then labelled BidefordManteo or ManteoBideford, I can link this blog to those images. This will be great as we can then create our own slideshow.

  2. Greetings from Manteo, I would like to paricipate but I am new to blogging. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Jamie and welcome.
    we'd love to hear more from you and for you to publish a post from Manteo.
    I can email you some instructions as to how to sign up to our blog - email me at sadie@experiencedevon.com
    look forward to hearing from you