17 May, 2009

Northam, Bideford

OK - the blog is here now, and working well. Only problem is, what to say! I live in the village of Northam, on the outskirts of Bideford - but don't go into town very often as I am mostly interested in the landscape and the fabulous Northam Burrows here on the Torridge estuary.

I was going to show you a few pics of the Burrows - but haven't figured out how to get them to do what I want when uploading. The only survivor is this photo here, taken back in the winter. It looks quite different now of course - all green and abundant. The land is used for grazing sheep and horses, as well as leisure pursuits like walking, surfing or playing golf.

I would love to see some images of your home surroundings over there in Manteo. To see what makes the place special and distinctive to you.


  1. Hi Sadie

    thank you for the wonderful Letter you sent today.

    I read it with much excitement that you were able to find my blog and choose to contact me.

    I have had my dream for almost 10 years but only now find myself with a life that does not know what it wants to grow up to be now other than try my hardest to help The amazing artists of the Outer Banks become something so creative and community oriented. So now the process has started and I just need to take it one step or one leap at a time.

    Bideford is beautiful and love the way you have events.

    Be creative you never know who is watching

  2. Hi Lorrie
    Great to hear from you and thanks for responding, we enjoyed reading your blog. We too have been to the Torpedo Factory, in 2003 when Dave did a Fulbright teaching exchange and we spent a few days in Alexandria for orientation first before heading on to Tucson AZ.
    It's fantastic to be making contact with you and the Manteo Community.
    If you would like to be able to publish a post on this blog I can send you instructions as to how to sign up by email, let me know at sadie@experiencedevon.com.
    Otherwise we can just keep sending comments!

    more soon, Sadie

  3. Just discovered your blog by a Google alert for Manteo. I work in downtown Manteo at a new home community - which is being developed to blend in with the historic neighborhood, not seeming new at all. We'll have shops along the boardwalk that ties into the Town's docks. I look forward to reading about Bideford. You can read more about Manteo at my blog: www.beachroadtomanteo.com.

  4. thanks for your interesting link. Manteo sounds a thriving and pleasant place to live, and it is great the new development is being done with sensitivity to the needs of the community. sorry to be so slow in responding!